Adult Raw Beginner Fiddle (Minimum Enrolment Required)

Do you have your grandma's fiddle sitting under your bed and have always wanted to learn how to play it? Perhaps you can't commit to regular weekly lessons, but you'd still like to learn the basics?

Karen Warner spent many years leading the fiddle program at Seven Oaks School Division and has trained hundreds of students, many who have gone on to become great players.

If you sign up for this class, be prepared to work hard for an intense couple of days that will get you off to a solid start on the fiddle.

If you don't have a fiddle, please contact and we can help you find one.

Minimum registration required, and this class is limited to adults.

Beginner Fiddle Class

This class is for the beginner fiddler, not to be confused with the raw beginner fiddler. Students should ideally have a minimum of six simple tunes in their repertoire, and feel that they are ready to take in some further knowledge regarding technique, bowing, and other rudimentary skills.

Intermediate Fiddle Class

This class is for the fiddler who has been playing for one or more years, who has a fairly decent repertoire, and who feels ready to tackle some new techniques and learn a little about "groove" and "feel,"

Advanced Fiddle Class

The advanced fiddler is one who is able to absorb details quickly, with solid skills in some more advanced techniques. The ability to play in several different keys easily, knowing how to play in more than one style, and being able to demonstrate more than one bowing technique are all charateristics of an advanced fiddler.

Metis Fiddle Master Class (Minimum Enrolment Required)

This class will cater to those who fall into the intermediate and advanced levels who are okay with learning by ear, as sheet music will not be provided.

Alex Kusturok teaches this master class aurally, as it is impossible to capture the essence of the style on a page. It's all about the "groove," and the "feel," learning how to use the bow to create the subtle rhythms. You'll learn about the great Metis players who influenced Alex and about the differences in their individual styles that makes them who they are. Metis footwork will be touched on as well.

Guitar and Piano Classes (Minimum Enrolment Required)

Learn how to accompany the fiddle tunes being taught during the weekend. You must have your own guitar and keyboard.