Here is what is unique about Shivering Strings!

The Shivering Strings model means that sheet music and sound clips are provided prior to the weekend. Participants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the tunes ahead of time.  This allows class time during the weekend to be devoted to exploring the "extras" that will help you make the tunes sound authentic, and experiment with bowings and other techniques.

 Upon registration you will be sent a link to all of the sound files and printed materials for the three classes.

This year we will be adding a special master class! 

For absolute top level players and fiddle teachers interested in Cape Breton style fiddling we will also be offering a more traditional fiddle master class with fiddle great Troy MacGillivray - learning on the fly by ear, and capturing the nuance and special ornamentation and feel of this complex and thrilling style of fiddling!

Saturday Night Dance!

A touch stone of the weekend is the Saturday night Dance featuring a world class fiddle band and dance calling by Canadian fiddling Icon Gordon Stobbe. For people new to square-dancing we will have a dance “primer” on Saturday afternoon.